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Keep your design easy to understand and approachable.


If it gets overly complicated with too many messages, transform it into a three or five-piece campaign, with each piece focusing on a single concept. Consistency to Make it More Readable When you add stylistic features to your mail piece, develop a plan of hierarchy and consistency. Define colors, fonts and type sizes for headlines, body copy and callouts, then stick with them!

What really matters is, every headline should follow along so it looks like your design decisions are consistent and intentional. Too many creative elements confuse the reader and limit response. Coupons to Lift Response Nothing implies immediate savings quite like a coupon does, so incorporating a detachable voucher or simulated coupon component in your mail piece can lead to better response.

Online businesses can include a unique offer code with corresponding webpage and expiration date to motivate buyers.

Coupon Best Practices | How to Make the Most of a Sale

When designing online-only offers for physical marketing pieces, circular callouts, dashed lines, colored boxes and other shapes help emulate a coupon and grab attention without creating a tangible tear-off. This goes well beyond male versus female. It could mean designing to certain professions, income brackets, ethnicities, locations and so much more. Personalized mail with Variable Data Printing can also be a helpful tool to build relevance with a special audience. Design Best-Practices. You may want to share your coupon offer with everyone, but blasting the same email to your entire list is rarely a good idea.

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A discount on model airplanes should only go to model enthusiasts. You get the idea. There are lots of ways to segment your email list, but behavior is the most powerful.

1. Don’t Over-Discount

A customer who buys a lot of running gear is most likely a runner. Before you send out a coupon, think about your customer. What kinds of discounts do they find valuable? What will entice them to buy?

How to Design Effective Coupons

Some customers are happy to save a couple dollars or just want shipping fees waived. Some want coupons on specific products or specific combinations of products. Your customer research can give you insights into what products do discount and how. Track your coupon performance over time to identify the types of coupons that work the best. Add these results to your cache of knowledge about your customer. Keep in mind, however, that not all customers want or need coupons. When you send coupon offers to your email list, include imagery that connects your subscriber to the discount.

Send images of your products, especially if you have photos of people using them happily.

If you send a coupon that applies to several products, curate a selection for the email. Show three to six applicable products to get the customer thinking about how they might use the coupon. The details of the coupon the code, expiration date, etc. But two things can happen if you give out discounts too often.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Clarity in Landing Page Design

First, customers become fatigued. Customers start to ignore your emails because they know what to expect.

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In fact, it could also open you up to lawsuits. Second, frequent sales devalue your brand. How often should you send coupons? Limit your coupons in some way to encourage customers to make a purchasing decision sooner. You might use an expiration date or limit the stock.

Design Best-Practices | Modern Postcard

Many brands make the mistake of assuming that bigger discounts are always better. Most consumers use discounts as part of their buying process. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Email marketing coupons are great for both attracting and retaining customers. Click To Tweet Image: Click To Tweet The number of digital coupon users has been rising for some time. The takeaway here is that if you want to be competitive, you should probably offer coupons too. Free download: The best types of email coupons to send and when to send them.