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This information can be recorded on the front of our VCI coupon storage bags.

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Optional services include pit depth measurement and photos of the coupons before and after analysis. With VCI bags, coupons can be protected from corrosion for up to one year when stored under the proper environmental conditions. Pertinent test data, regarding pre- and post-coupon exposure, can be recorded in the appropriate spaces on the front of the bag. Welded Coupons Welded coupons are used to study the variance in corrosion rates between welded and non-welded metals.

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Stressed Coupons These coupons are used to monitor stress corrosion cracking which occurs when stress combines with a corrosive environment to attack a material. Test Racks We offer test racks for the mounting of coupons of various alloys to evaluate how corrosion would effect differing materials in your system. Coupon Holders We carry a variety of pipe plug coupon holders for flat and round specimens , retractable coupon holders hand insertable types for low pressure rating systems and packing gland types for ratings up to 1, psi.

Technical Information on Coupon Testing This article provides general requirements for coupon tests, types of coupon tests, advantages of coupon testing, and other helpful information. Bypass Piping Systems Metal Samples provides bypass piping systems for on-line corrosion monitoring.


Coupon after being exposed to corrosive environment. Scale Coupons Scale coupons or deposition coupons provide a qualitative measure of relative deposition rates in industrial water and manufacturing process systems. Mill - finish as produced from mill. Glass Bead - blasted with fine glass beads to remove mill scale.

Finishes up to grit extremely fine can be provided by using belt sanders. Double Disc Ground - extra fine finish using an abrasive disc that leaves minimal residue. Excellent for studies where surface finish is critical. Coupon Ordering When placing your order for test coupons, please be ready to provide the sales person with information regarding the type of material you are testing, the size of the coupons you require, surface finish desired, and if applicable, mounting hole size and location.

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About Us Metex Corporation Limited has been providing superior products and services to the process control, chemical treatment, waste water, industrial and manufacturing industries for over 25 years. What are Corrosion Coupons? Corrosion coupons also known as mass-loss coupons are standardized thin steel panels that serve as reference specimens in corrosion testing.

They help a user verify the rate of corrosion in corrosion chambers and serve as independent test monitoring devices. Consistent Surface inconsistencies, such as variations in steel roller condition, carbon dust impurity, rust caused by handling errors, and long storage times can affect the consistency of corrosion mass-loss.

What are best ways of cleaning metal coupons?

As a result, ordinary steel is unsuitable for many corrosion tests. Clean The Q-Lab CX corrosion coupon production process thoroughly cleans panels and removes any oil from the surface. Special handling assures all panels are completely clean when packaged. Corrosion coupons are packed in plastic bags with vapor phase rust inhibitor, preserving the high degree of surface quality for a long shelf life.

For your safety and ease of handling, all Q-PANEL corrosion coupons have deburred edges, and some versions have rounded edges depending on the requirements of the appropriate standard.

What are best ways of cleaning metal coupons?

Furthermore, CX corrosion coupons are tailored to meet the requirements of major national, international, and manufacturer corrosion test standards without any modification — just plug and play. Purchasing pre-cleaned corrosion coupons reduces the time lab personnel must spend cleaning and handling panels, saving further costs.

Excalibur Shield - Internal Pipeline Corrosion

Q-Lab offers three different steel Corrosion Coupons as standard items, typically in-stock. These three product offerings are designed specifically to meet the requirements of some of the most prevalent industry-standard test methods for evaluating corrosion.

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They come standard with rounded corners and a Q-shaped center hole and plastic mounting hardware for convenience. Custom Panels In addition to our standard corrosion coupons above, we can also make custom corrosion coupons in a variety of shapes, sizes, alloys, and finishes, not shown on our specification bulletin.

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